Friday, April 3, 2009

Der Berlin Cops Ain't Nuthin' to F**k Wit'

I posted recently about the Berlin Police's current campaign targetting "the minimalist trend-bikes, e.g. ridden by bike-messengers and members of a growing fan-scene... (which) do not have proper security-measurements, i.e. they lack any sort of brake."

Well, now this seems to be getting actually bit more serious. Like Kenji from Keirin Berlin informed me earlier today and Straightchain reported: 

"Berlin police starts seizing bikes

Seems like the first fixed-gear bike has been seized by police, in Berlin. Its been the bike of a befriended courier. He told them, he went up into a building for a delivery, and when he came back down into the atrium, two policemen in plainclothes were already waiting in front of his bike."

I also posted  the stupid pic of the Polizei on Segways. Well, of course they don't ride them over there. In fact the Berlin Police Department is not known as the nicest bunch of law-officers in the world and, for example, they know a thing or two about riot control, this being Berlin after all. Now I'm quite interested to see what will happen at the ECMC2009.

Anyhow, while waiting for that let's all chant together to the beat of the mighty Wu-Tang Clan: "Der Berlin Cops..." 

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Anonymous said...

fixies are posers.

they shouldn't be riding in big cities without at least one brake.