Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fauber Bottom Bracket Adapter

I believe this adapter might be very useful for anyone struggling with converting or just generally fixing some older northern European bikes by companies such as Monark, Crescent, DBS, Helkama, Tunturi etc.:

"Fauber Adapter:
Converts Scandinavian 45mm press-fit bottom bracker cups to 1.37 X 24 T.P.I British thread."

Get it from Pyörätohtori here: http://www.pyoratohtori.fi/

And don't worry, he knows about these things, speaks english and will ship worldwide.

For more info on servicing a Fauber BB, look here.


Taylor Rose said...

holy shit this would have been so helpful like nine months ago when i was building up my romet.. is there such thing as polish threading?

Anonymous said...

None that I know of! I know of Swiss, French, Italian and British.
Perhaps it is a joke, like we have a saying here in Finland.
"Using a russian screwdriver" when your patience runs out with some seized screws that won't budge unless you bang them home into the wall with a Russian screwdriver - a heavy hammer!