Sunday, April 4, 2010

BLOCKHEAD Stem IB with Integrated Brake Lever

Well, this is an interesting idea at least. See more HERE.

"The Blockhead Stem IB is our Blockhead Stem with an integrated brake lever. The lever is tucked neatly into the stem and is just long enough for two fingers. We designed it to be used with a front brake so the cable can be cut really short and straight, eliminating friction within the brake cable housing.

Sometimes it’s nice to ride fixed with a front brake, but brake levers tend to be massive, take up a lot of handlebar space, and have levers that are much longer than they need to be. Our solution is to make the lever part of the stem. If you despise your ugly massive brake lever, this one is for you.

We ride with these on our bikes all around NYC. We love them."


Matu said...

That's one hell of a ugly stem!

chiangmaifixedgear said...

Cool break;

Unknown said...
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