Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Counterfeit Concept

It says 'Bianchi' in there, so it that a Pista Concept? Surely not. Now wait a minute, which frame is that...?


Adam said...

whats wrong with that? Its not illegal to put other brand on if thats what they want?

Jussi said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong per se with wanting a Bianchi Pista Concept even if you cannot afford one. But I do find this failing attempt to disguise the cheapest Ebay alu track frame as one a bit funny.

You realize that for the price of that pair of Aerospokes and the paintjob the owner could have actually easily bought the real thing, right?

Adam said...

Youre right that there is nothing wrong with it, though I think your confusing wanting, to customising..

I built it exactly the way my GF wanted it. She doesnt know what a hipster's Bianchi Pista is, like most girls, colour matters most more then earning street cred with a brand name. She wanted a Celeste and White bike, so I got a cheap frame, and spec'd it out the way she likes.
I just so happen to have Aerospokes, a powder booth and the know how at my disposal.

In no way have I claimed it to be a 'Bianchi' pista, It has $4 decals on it, to break up the colours. I like how you copied my pictures, but forgot to copy the thread regarding the build up. Just to clear your mind here is the link to the original thread-,11017.0.html

It would be different if I were trying to palm it off to an un-suspecting buyer with a Bianchi Pricetag, but if you read the thread, you'll see I'm not hiding anything by posting images of it during its build up.

The only one not being honest is you by posting selected images and your own story.

For just over AU$700, I doubt you could buy the real thing...whatever that is.

It's ok mate, some girls do have nicer bikes then you can.
If you want material for your blog, look elsewhere.