Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cinelli X MASH SF 2011 Proto

Prototype of the 2011 Cinelli MASH frameset, as posted already everywhere by everyone, first here though. I agree with people who pointed out that the raw alu finish would look kinda neat, which makes me wish the Cinelli Vigorelli color-scheme would be reworked for 2011 too.

Also, there will be actually two different models next year:

"Our goal is to offer two separate Cinelli geometries for 2011. The current street geomerty, and an even more agressive track. The more agressive frame will offer some special details, and sit at a slightly higher price point for that design. 2011, and no sooner. This is the downside to instant internet information. It makes waiting, feel even longer… We are incredibly happy with the current production model, and want to offer something to a different customer with this additional adjustment.

Also want to clairify that this is just a raw sample frame, and we stickered it for filming. This will not be a production color for 2011."

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Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern,

I would be grateful if someone could post the detailed setup of that Cinelli Mash x "prototype". I will be.

Wholeheartedly thanks