Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monster Track 2010

For Kings & Queens. Read more here.

"What is monster Track? This here thing just happens to be the supreme, urban Track bike racing outfit in the nation. It came from bike messengers, specifically the track biking ones, in New York City looking to get challenged. It came from riders looking to brag and talk shit. It came from riders looking to have a little fun on the side, it came from rider looking to show their bike handling skillz in this here big, bad, metropolis we call Gotham city. It came from the world of messenger alley cats that happen all over the world. This is an event about speed and bragging right. It is not for everyone. It wills flat-out leave you behind if you’re not ready. But it is also exhilarating will leave you in a State of Euphoria.(supposedly) It will pump your blood level up a couple of notches . Monstertrack is an aphrodisiac. Its anotherway to get high. There a lot of ways you can ride a trak bike, this is the definitive one.This is about Riding your bike like you own it, and not letting it own you! The scene will undoubtedly change and evolve. But there will never be a substitute for straight up hard riding. Now that true brilliance. Once a year Monstertrack happens, and when it does bring your soul ,bike, No breaks and No fear Monstertrack XI .March 6th 2010"

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