Sunday, February 21, 2010

London To Paris Hellsinki Screening

Some snaps by tnts from the London to Paris screening last night in Kannas. Basically everybody was there despite the arctic weather AKA 'blizzard of the year' outside. Was fun plenty but I cannot say much about the movie, though.

No, wait, I can at least try to sum up the movie:

Some international bunch of dudes met up in London and rode, like, real dope track bikes with drop bars, real heavy gearing and all for real long distances on some country roads, drank some beer and wore casual urban clothing while doing the 'trip'. In the end they arrived in Paris, saw the finish of Tour de France on Champs-Élysées and met with Lance Armstong. (Or I guess they met him? I didn't see that last part, though.) And I believe Nike sponsored some (if not all) of that. Now how cool - and even inspiring - is all that? ;)

Big Up! for Eki, tnts & My Cup of T for organizing the event.

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Anonymous said...

You mean in how cool, that is is actually uncool, true.