Friday, February 5, 2010

'Everyone knows standard just doesn't cut it any more...'

"If you read any sort of magazine associated with your chosen discipline of cycling, then you're guaranteed to have come across the part where pro riders show off their pimped out bikes. BMX, Dirt Jumping, Downhill....they're all at it, with custom paint jobs, blinged out rims and whatever else they can think of.

Here at Chain Reaction Cycles we can help you to create the bike of your dreams. Everyone knows standard just doesn't cut it any more, so if you have a spec list in mind then why not get in touch with our sales staff and get the wheels in motion? Our qualified mechanics are here to get it built up for you, the sky really is the limit!

We have pretty much every part you can think of and endless colour possibilities, so whether you want something sleek and colour coded or you prefer to stand out from the crowd then we can do it for you. For an example of just what is possible, check out this bad boy we built up for our showroom...."

Wait, what Bike Fag just said about 'Hucking' possibly being the new fixed gear...?

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Meccanico di Veno said...

I think you can blame BMX for all of it. That was the first place anodised parts were offered, and neon colors, and pastels. For that matter the first place I saw the term "colorways" was in BMX advertising.