Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vending Machine

It's a vending machine. Yeah, so what? But what does it dispense?
Schwalbe inner tubes! Now how cool is that?

Photo taken by Eiha, outside of a bike shop in Dresden, Germany.


zaumi said...

that's nothing special here in germany.
got one of them in my street as well.


Dan said...

Looks like they have some in the UK too:

none here yet alas

VendLoop said...

Wow! In the city that I live here in the USA we don't have anything like that! Our vending machines only offer snacks and drinks. heh. Very cool.

Fabian said...

unfortunately the tubes inside of these machines are often old and cracked. and therefore they often burst after pumping up. i dont buy in these machines any longer...

another guy from germany.

tya said...

There's one in Turku, Finland, too. At Nextbike (.fi).