Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So, the Charge Scissor then...

It seems that the eagerly waited Charge Scissor is finally -almost- out. You surely know all about it already if you follow any blogs or forums but now the question is where to get it, and for the best price? Interested?

The fact is that for anyone here in Europe, the Scissor is currently hands down the best choice for a dedicated trick/700cmx frameset. First the geometry looks pretty nice. Then, ordering Volume Cutter, the Leader trick frame or any other similar frame from the States is just too expensive with the shipping, tax and other hassle. You just don't want to pay too much for a frame you're gonna be bashing around, right? Finally, at least for me, the fact that Scissor is made from very nice Tange Prestige tubing puts a cherry on top of the deal.

So where to get it for a good price? I'd say look HERE. And the fork is here.

Ok, they don't actually have it on stock yet and the sizing info on site is obviously somehow messed up but the price is not bad at all.

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