Friday, January 15, 2010

'Super very RETRO ! Special cycle for pursuit'

Perfectly in keeping with today's theme:

"Super very RETRO ! Special cycle for pursuit.

Frame 1990 of release. MADE IN USSR . Model is made in the city of Kharkov (XB3 - it's "KH V Z") at a bicycle factory. The frame has no dents and cracks. Under repair was not.

Frame in an excellent condition. It is made of tubes COLUMBUS.

Frames KVANT were made under the order of bicycle federation of the USSR for leading bicycle racers."

On Ebay, click! And plenty more pics HERE.

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vladimirlosinsky said...

Hi, this is NOT KVANT. This bike has different parts from various models and it is REPAINTED.

By the way this, seller often sell repainted frames with resticked decoles under famous names like KVANT etc.