Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear Tom...

...that was a joke, right? Because I'm not entirely sure whether that was worth a tutorial. Frankly, if someone cannot figure that out by themselves, maybe they should stick to playing Tony Hawk on Xbox or something.


marnie said...

that's like saying that anyone who has never ridden a bike shouldn't ever try.

i think the difference between most tricksters (you?) and tom is that he always wants to help out newbs when other bike snobs could care less. anyone who knows him appreciate that about him.

Jussi said...

Yeah, sure. That's very nice gesture from him of course.

But if you ever tried to do a bunny hop over anything on a fixed gear bike, you'd have to figure out that you need to "set the pedal" by yourself, like naturally, right?

Also, I don't consider myself 'a trickster', although I quite enjoy many of these videos that I keep posting here.

Manja said...

Mister Jussi

Imagine you are living in a little s***hole in the states and got nothing else to do, let's make another stupid trick tutorial. I think he means it deadly serious, even if it should be actually really logical, like you said, if you do a bunny hop, you will find out...So lame those tricksters, I thought you are a trickster too Jussi, just kidding! Keep up the good work, no worries, tricksters grow up and will buy SUV's!

Duaniss1 said...

I myself have only been riding a fixed gear since september, I don't have my feet strapped in and I hate bunny hopping, now that I've seen this, I'm thinkin it wont be so bad anymore, in half an hour I'll have it down. Thanks for the post asshole.

Tom Mosher said...

Dear Fixed Gear Blog,

Clearly you are some ultra bike deity that just "gets" everything. And equally clear is the fact that all the people on and around the world that have found this useful are total morons.

Your blog post is either ignorant, short sighted, naive, insulting or pointless, but I reckon it's a combination of all those.

As someone who has taught many people (rather than just pissing on people trying to help) I have seen that people learn things in all sorts of different ways and sometimes a tutorial is useful.

One last bit, I hope you never get hung up on something you're trying to learn in life because then you are pathetic and should just play xbox. I hope it's clear that my eyes are rolling.

Tom Mosher

rywiwo said...

why so much hate? oh i forgot that assholes will always make fun of nice people, thats just the way the world works.

Jussi said...

Hi Tom,
ok, I agree. My post here might have been 'useless' but I still think that this tutorial is pretty much waste of time. The Keo Spin tutorial you did, on the other hand, was very cool. Thanks for that.

If people find this kind of simple stuff 'very useful' fair enough.

Anyway, maybe my angle I was trying to communicate here was that I don't think there needs to be a tutorial for everything. If you like doing something like learning tricks on a bike or a skateboard or a snowboard or whatever, the fun is in discovering and learning stuff by yourself, by watching others do it, yes, but still by trying to figure stuff out for yourself. At least to me it is.

And what if I argue that the tutorial sucks because it takes way the joy of learning this stuff from the kids for themselves?

Finally, if there are lots of people out there who are kind of serious about the fixed freestyle tricktrack stuff and they found this tutorial very helpful, the future of that scene does not look too bright.