Sunday, January 31, 2010

CIÖCC Super Record Pista 1985

This Italian beauty is on Ebay right now, CLICK.

"1985 Super Record Ciocc Pista - 57 cm.
Pedals: NOS Campagnolo Super Record Pista, Titanium with NOS Campagnolo Steel Clips and Straps
Stem: NOS Cinelli badged 90mm Cinelli Stem
Handlebars: New Nitto Steel
Headset: NOS Steel Campagnolo (NOS Aluminum Pista Super Record Headset available at extra cost)
Crankset: NOS Campagnolo Super Record, 52T NOS Campagnolo Chainring
Bottom Bracket: NOS Campagnolo Pista Record
Wheelset: NOS Fiamme's 36/36 Hole laced to NOS Super Record Hubs (Titanium axles)
Chain: New SRAM PC-9x 1/8"
Rear Cog: NOS Campagnolo 14T cog
Seat Post: NOS Campagnolo Super Record
Saddle: New Cinelli
Tubulars: NOS Clements"


Anonymous said...

Your front fork is severely bent back, please replace or fix with a really good frame builder.

bikeboy416 said...

I have one of these track bikes as well. She is a pretty dam sweet machine. And to the guy that told you your fork is bent,is fucked in the head. The model of bicycle was made this way (super fucking tight!) and also need a 20c or smaller tire to run this bad boy. Good to see there are more of these wicked sweet rides around,keep it beautiful