Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rossin Ghibli Custom Pursuit

Olli's custom Rossin Ghibli Pursuit track frame is now ready. Loving the huge 'R' as the rear bridge between the seatstays. I'd think even Mario Rossin himself would approve!


Klas Nordentjell said...

Super nice! I do love the big "R" in the back . Also, is that a cut out in the lug there? If so, how the f*ck did he do that...I mean the "hole" inte the R is still there...sick!

Lovely frame, what components are gonna be on it?


William said...

Hi, my name is William;I'm Mario Rossin's son. I've casually found your blog some days ago.
Today I showed to my dad the pictures of this re-built frame. He really appreciates the new use and place of his former R logo and the fact that somebody still remember his work.
For many years he's not building race bikes any more. Now he's working for Italian Cycling Federation.

Nice blog. We give you all our support :)

William and Mario Rossin

franz said...

hi william,
dont know if youre really the son of mario rossin and if youll read this comment. i own two rossin bikes. a late 80s columbus matrix with shimano 600 and a mid 70s which has to be one of the first frameseries your father built. its called rossin special, the columbus SL sticker says 74-75 and the nuovo record parts are marked with patent 75. the crank and the stem are rossin pantographed.
unfortunately i didnt found a serial number. theres no pic or other information about this bike on the internet. maybe you can write me a message if you really read that. so i can send you some pics.