Wednesday, November 4, 2009

F8cycles // 'No Chain. No Grease. No Maintenance'

Lot of people seem to be really fascinated by the concept of belt drive fixed gear bike. Well, f8cycles offers just that, custom single speed and fixed bikes with belt-drives:

"f8 began as a search for the ultimate fixed ride through the rough streets of San Francisco. Simplicity and durability were paramount. Designing a bullet-proof frame became an obsession.

The obsession paid off. f8 became the first to offer a belt drive fixed gear, in titanium no less. And less than you’d normally pay for a custom titanium frame.Using a belt means no lubricant. So you can ride to work wearing bleach-white bell bottoms, if your dress code allows. It also means no maintenance, as unlike a metal chain it will not stretch.

It’s also quiet. Too quiet."

Check out the site here:


Naibaf said...

a german bicycle manufacturer also offers belt driven fixed gear bikes, please check:

i think they´re really fancy:)

F.W. Adams said...

Very cool, especially since I wear bleached white bell-bottoms to work!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to why this innovation is expressing itself in the fixed gear community before becoming standardized in the road racing industry. Is it just a trend or does it really work? I would think the amount of weight shed between belt and chain would prompt the road community to have already incorporated the change a long time ago.

Or is it because it requires a deadly accurate belt line? Chains seem to be more forgiving in that respect.

I still wanna give one a try, though. It's hard to pass judgment without actually having put it between your legs.

AC said...

The reason it works so well for fixed and singlespeed is because a road racing bike--with gears--would require an internal hub. I like internal hubs myself, but road racers aren't wont to lose gears and gain grams.