Sunday, November 8, 2009

Colnago Master Pista Mania

There are nice bikes on Ebay right now: Classic 1980s Colnago Master Pista here, and if you prefer more new school style here's a Colnago X Stash collabo Master Pista.

Both are extremely lovely but I'd prefer the first one.


tiny said...

Funny that I can't remember seeing any indication that Rossin ever did a Ghibli Pista (i.e. a Gilco tubed track frame).

In the small pics the "collaborative" frame looks like a blue bike with rubber tubing wrapped around it to protect the paint job...

Mike said...

I would pay 10.000 dollars if i had the money for the stash frame in a second... but i don't have the money though. the frame is so beautiful!