Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mystery Cranksets

As if Electra's new Ticono line wasn't enough, here's another new-production crankset which appears to be direct copy of Camopagnolo's classic Nuovo Record.

Same cranks can apparently be seen on 2010 Fixie Inc. Black Jack, Pashley Clubman and Condor Classico Pista models but none of these companies have revealed which brand cranks these actually are, or who makes them. Anyhow, they look pretty crappy in comparison to the real thing.



Honestly dude,i dont feel like hatin on these cranks! :)

João said...

I like'em. they look good, surely without the overpricing campy has.

Jussi said...

Well, I'm not really hating on those cranks but I just wanted to state that I myself generally prefer the old stuff instead of the new. And especially when these are not even reissues but just straight-up copies.

I'm not saying everyone needs to be pedalling on some NOS Campagnolo Record Pista 165mm 151bcd cranks or something. But if I wanted a pair these old style fluted track cranks, I'd rather spend some time on Ebay and look until I find a nice pair of old Sugino Mighty, Gipiemme Pista or SR Royal track cranks for a reasonable price. I just did that, in fact. ;)

You want something? Sometimes you gotta work a little bit for it, you know.

declan said...

I'm suspicious of that "reasonable price"

ChainThug said...

Origin8 Classic Sport?

...just my best guess since I haven't seen that crankset and they don't have any pictures on their website either.
But the Origin8 Classic chainring (that I have) is pretty much identical to Nuovo Record.

käli said...

They are sold by Origin8 and Fixie Inc.. Both these companys got their own branded cranks from Andel in the past. So my guess is Andel.