Sunday, October 18, 2009

Metallico Super Bull

"Metallico Super Bull handle bar - black/white (nitto njs custom)

These amazing bull horn bars are the latest limited edition offering from Metallico, Japan.

Unlike the Tsuchinoko straight bar, that made Metallico famous in Japan, which is an original hand made bar design, the Super Bull starts life as a new Nitto B123 NJS drop bar!

The drop bar is customised at a small East Osakan workshop, an area famous in Japan for its hundreds of tiny 'kodawari' engineering, and small parts factories.

The Nitto NJS drop bar (steel) is cut down to a short bull horn length, and the ends are welded up with dome shaped cro-mo steel. The bars are then painted at the ex-3Rensho paint shop in Kansai, Japan.

I am very happy to be able to bring hand made products like this to my customers, in a time where it is very difficult for companies to justify doing things the old way!"

Available from Tracksupermarket.

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