Sunday, October 4, 2009

MASH SF x Vittoria Randonneur 700x23c

"The Vittoria Randonneur apparently is the best tire that the mashers have found for standing up to that kind of abuse, and they wear them right down to the pink puncture-resistant belt. However, many of the bikes they use won’t fit a 25mm tire, so Vittoria is making the Randonneur, at’s request, in a 700 X 23mm size."

From Velonews.


Unknown said...

'bout feken time!

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI, that quote is a mistake and they will be in 25c not 23c. More info is at!

Nexus said...

What a crock.! Maybe Vittoria just saw a niche in the market and filled it. Not everyone wants to ride around with half a friggin kilo on each wheel. They needed a 23ml tyre to give the 23ml Gatorskin some competition. I did email them once about it, and probably before MASH did, so I'm claiming it was at my request.

Sebastian Fu said...

Hey Johnny

I talked to Vittoria before too, that is like 5 years ago... Guess MASH gets all the fame and credit, and for what? For the film they made, that is so extremly lame and boring, I guess designers can hype each other and the real cyclists don't get anything in return. It was still the bikemessengers that made the fixedgearbike big, not some graphic kids from San Francisco, and we are talking about NYC, not the West coast.
Give it a year or two and nobody will remeber MASH and the clothing of Martin is just a cheap copy of Rapha/Swerve/Swobo and others. I know you will be out there in a few years Johnny, so let's just sit back relax and watch the hype going away again, the real folks will be still there in 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sebastian

You can't deny that the MASH guys ride hard as fuck. Didn't like the video? too bad dont buy it. I didn't. But I had an awesome time at the NYC premier week where I rode with them and confirmed it wasn't movie magic. Garret is a genuine beast.

Make a movie of your "real cycling" and maybe you'll get some power to push things. Its pretty obvious that YOU aren't real enough to Vittoria to make a tire for. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Jacques said...

Somebody posted some comments on the 25c randos here.