Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spot The Similarities

So, can you spot any similarities between these two BMX-themed videos?

First we have some random emo-kid with big hair and tight jeans rocking out in his bedroom to some screamo-whatever sounds and practicing his barspinzzz... 

Then we a random washed-put big time rock idol guitar hero with big hairdo and very tight jeans goofing around on nice old school BMX, and falling off it a lot. 

Both videos are from this excellent blog right here. Someone made a good point in the comments section to the latter video by asking whether this was the first evidence ever of anyone riding a BMX in 'girlie jeans'


Anonymous said...

nice you tube video.


Anonymous said...

oh man, that first video is whack

Jon said...

Slash is to the 80:s and BMX
what Pharell is to the 00:s and Fixed Gear.