Friday, December 5, 2008

Pedal Mafial Pedal ID Miniature Bike Geek-Out

Now I know there's whole breed of hypebeasts & otaku kids out there who are really into all those strange plastic toy figurines and miniature models of this and that. 

Well, I really dug building the good old LEGO as a kid. But then I never managed to make those 1950s American car and WWII aeroplane model kits look like they did in the box covers. Sniffing that glue wasn't my thing either, thank god. So I concentrated on other stuff instead. Like learning to play heavy metal riffs on a shitty electric guitar, trying to skateboard and drinking beer and smoking in the woods behind our housing estate with other kids like me. 

And I'm happy I did that because otherwise I'm afraid I'd be too tempted to order some these crazy Pedal Mafia Pedal ID miniture track bikes & components and to get into all of that geeky stuff. 

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