Tuesday, December 2, 2008

'Fork is slightly bent from a crash (but hey, it barspins!)'

Maybe it wasn't really a crash like the seller claims but maybe instead it went more like this:

Bike Repair from Stegnco on Vimeo.

But seriously, what is it with all those Sparton forks? We've all seen that video (below) of a fork failure and the only Sparton we've seen here in Helsinki also ended up with the fork getting all bent and finally totally destroyed in the end. 


Anonymous said...

lmfao @ second bust up - screw spartan forks, they wont last ever

Anonymous said...

umm... maybe its the use of racing bikes for tricks? would you use a carbon frame for bike tricks? people used to do tricks more elegantly to try to save their bikes... if you want to do bmx tricks on a track bike, use an appropriate bike. stop ruining the vintage njs frames that your parents bought you. use your fucking heads for something other than a flat brim hatrack...