Friday, July 18, 2008

Pistadex Is Dead / Long Live The PistaConceptDex !!!

The Bianchi Pista Concept mania/idiotism I reported yesterday got me thinking:

Everyone knows about the Pistadex that Bike Snob NYC created and which some people took even further, right? Well, I think that is a thing of the past now. 

The basic Biachi Pista, while being a real cool bike by itself, it's still the low end model or a 'people's bike' in comparison to the high end track racing model that is Pista Concept. Now everyone (some of whom even sometimes claim to ride it on the velodrome) wants the latter one. Nevermind that it's super stiff and with tight geo (read: rather unpleasant to ride for longer distances on city streets, although that is arguably an acquired taste...), and made out of thin alu tubing that will dent super easily when used as a street bike, as sadly reported on many places. 

So, instead there should now be a PistaConceptDex, or simply PistaCdex.

if you only look at the Ebay's completed listings for the Pista Concept, this is what you will find:

And you NEED TO REMEMBER here that the official list price for a new Pista Concept 2008 frameset is still about 579 USD, or something like that. And the older ones were even less when they came out. 

Now, who's with me on this?


El Guapo [TC] said...

So what's your point?

Jussi said...

So you're one of the guys who bought an overpriced one, right?

konkeli said...

Not buying or anything like that. Investing is the right word.