Friday, July 18, 2008

Bikes Stolen In Helsinki Again

Yesterday two more bikes got stolen here in Helsinki; 

First the pictured green Velocab Berlin Rikshaw got stolen in Veräjämäki, then later in the evening Pauli's well-stickered Surly Steamroller got stolen from in front of the Bullman Bar on Fleminginkatu, Kallio.

Both the bikes were 1.) locked up and 2.) they are highly recognizable, so this super stupid. 

Let's hope they will find their way back to their lawful owners one way or the another. 

And that the thieves will get their asses kicked.  


As Konkeli pointed out, the Rikshaw was found quickly but Pauli's Steamroller is still missing.

1 comment:

konkeli said...

Luckily the rikshaw was found. Someone dragged it for a kilometer front wheel still locked...

Stupid is what stupid does. Or something.