Monday, July 28, 2008

Cinelli Unicantor Saddle Is Back!

Check this out you white Italian saddle lovin' hipster!

Apparently the venerable Cinelli of Italy is thinking about your ass and your paypal account/credit card balance as they are re-releasing their classic 1960s track (and during the 1980s in a slightly modified version a BMX!) saddle model, the Unicantor. It's hard plastic with no padding of any kind, so that you know.

It should be out sometime soon, probably in several colors too, but I dunno when actually.

If you simply cannot wait, check these Kashimax Aeros out in the meanwhile...





reality pay check said...

that's a sweet looking saddle. do you have any suggestions for vegan-friendly saddles? so many of them are made out of leather and i don't know how my ass feels about the hard-top saddles.

Anonymous said...

I have it , it waswith my new bike , my ass dont like it at all...