Tuesday, July 15, 2008

KRS-One & his Freestyle Fix

Everyone knows that the NYC bike messengers started riding track bikes on the streets sometime during late 1980s or early 1990s because they were easy to maintain etc., right, and the rest is history, so to say? 

Well, check out KRS-One' lyric on Boogie Down Productions' 'The P Is Free' from the 'Criminal Minded' (1986) album:

"Ridin one day on my freestyle fix
Jammin to a tape scott larock had mixed
I said to myself this tape sound funky
Ridin past the 116th street junkie
Thought I saw denise but I was only assumin
Took another look and that butt was boomin
Did a little trick on my freestyle fix...


N said...

Fixed gear BMX. Not track.

Efrain said...

@ n said, not sure what state your from but NO messenger in NYC was whipp'n a BMX. They took 10 or 21 speed roadies that they found or vic'd (LOL!) and mod'd them to a fix.