Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ebay, I love you. Daniel Salmon Track Frame.

Track frame by Cycles D. Salmon, 'Velo Revolutionnaire'. 

'Cycles D. SALMON is the business set up by the 1960s Pro Daniel SALMON, after he hung up his wheels after riding for the Frimatic-TIGRA-Gribaldy, and Kamome-Dilecta teams on the 60s.

Daniel turned to frame-building at his attractive premises in Plouha in N. Normandy, and now (2008), at just turned 67, he is still building. Although he has a catalogue listing various types of models from touring to track etc etc, he is very much a custom builder in the constructeur sense- each frame is built for a specific customer for a specific purpose. Regulars visitors to the Paris-Brest-Paris ride will come across Daniel, at his stand at one of the check-in points, where he will either repair your ailing bike or try to sell you a new one. Fortunately for French cycling there are still a few of the old-fashioned frame-builders such as Daniel still at work. 

He claimed (to have built) the first ever low-profile bike of modern times. It was used by the French National Amateur team. Because Salmon thought it was quite revolutionary he called it just that - le Velo Revolutionnaire, and even to this day his down-tube transsfers still have this name written in them.

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