Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sannino Pursuit On Ebay

Come on now guys, there's a SANNINO Pursuit Pista on Ebay.

Go bidding crazy, we love Sanninos over here. Plus that's apparently a slightly older model with straight (instead of curvy) sloping top tube and bit different detailing than the ones cruising around Helsinki. And there are quite a few of them here for some strange reason.

"Frame builded by Sannino Cicli in the 80's.
Sannino was an Italian factory who build Frames from 1978 to the 1999. Sannino frames are knowed by their well based building, very good products.
The frame is a 55 cc and it has a fork for 650c.
Bottom Bracket is Italian NOT English.
Head tube is 8cm, fork tube is 11,5cm
Under the Bottom bracket box is marked on the steel "SANNINO" and on the back there is the typical "S" of this frames.
Its in good condition, there are few scratch near the chain, just to be clear.
It was builded with Columbus Tubi "Acciaio Speciale" (special steel)."

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