Friday, July 17, 2009

Bikes Direct Presents: 'Pro Level Track Bike'

Bikes Direct is - finally - getting out their 'Pro Level Track Bike'.

Aluminum frame from Taiwan with that magical recess for the rear wheel in the seat tube like Pista Concept and all. Carbon fork, of course, and the bike will eventually be available as a complete with some Dura-Ace Track(!) parts, or just as a frame set.

But hey, why does it look some much like the Fuji Track Comp? Or Masi Coltello? Maybe because it's basically the same bike, and made in the same factory? Ok, they're made from different AL tubing but still.

Anyhow, if you're interested, there's more info and a pre-order with a lower price going on HERE now.

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asb said...

I didn't find any info about the tubing on the Motobecane. Masi is made out of 7005 alu, Fuji is made of something called "Fuji Altair 2 alloy". somehow I have a feeling that all three of these cheap track frames are 100% identical beneath the colorways.