Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's ON Tomorrow !!!

Full weekend of 'alternative cycling' fun to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Bicycle Couriers Hellsinki.

Fri. 24.7.
_SuccisÄlleycat (1st chapter of the Alleycat cup) Start @ Kaisaniemen kumpu klo 19, party afterwards at Harri's place, Puksu. Remember to wear your terrible lycra outfit..5€

Sat. 25.7.
_Morning Älleycat (2nd chapter). 5€ - start 10.00 at kaisaniemen kumpu
_KingOfFixed 12->, Jätkäsaari, Ruoholahti. 5€
_Älleycat in the evening 17-18ish (3rd chapter, dispatch alleycat) and party w/ drinks and food.. propably we have grills on the place so bring the food with you. Wanha Veturihalli, Pasila (tallikatu something)..the place is ours till 02.00. 5€ (including party)

Sun. 26.7.
_Morning Älleycat (4th and final chapter). 5€. Torkkelinmäen puisto 10.00
_Breakfast (picnic type-o-thing. Be ready to storm your local grocery store) .
_Polo tournament in the afternoon/evening supposively at laivapojankatu. Remember to form a team of 3 people. 5€
_...and the awards ceremony

Weekend pass to the events costs 20 euros but of course you can choose events separately.

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