Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spot the differences // Spot the similarities

Fuji Pro Track vs. Specialized Langster Pro. Don't look too different from each other but maybe that's just the style of 2012.


Anonymous said...

Bitch please... go back 30 years and see how identical all bicycles were back then.

Heck, they even repainted competitor's frames to get the best suited geometry for each pro rider. And nobody frigging noticed.

Oh yeah, those differences: rear fork ends, seat stays, seat post profile, seat post and top tube. Put that into your Standard Reynolds 531 steel pipe and smoke it.

But all this evidence is moot because they are aluminium track bikes and those are fundamentally wack. Right?

Jussi said...

Dude, why so angry?

Yes, I'm aware of what you're saying and yes, there are obvious differences.

Still, isn't it interesting that when two big brands come out with their new top of the line frame models, the designs have some very distinctive similarities?

And for the record, I got nothing against modern alu track bikes, I ride a Felt TK3 on the track myself.

connor said...

Wheels, forks, cranks, tires, stems, bars, dear seat posts, seats, chains, and frames....literally every single part is different. What are you trying to get at here?