Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ass Saver

Ass Saving Techniques from Ass Savers on Vimeo.

Could this possibly be the most stupidest thing with the most stupidest name ever? I'm not saying that it doesn't do what it is supposed to do but still. Come on?!

And for all yo'all DIY -spirited people out there, Kyttyrä shows you how to do it:


Unknown said...

sucks for me any my pivotal seatpost.

Kenji Keirin said...

i think its great:)

Anonymous said...

I know its a silly name, but hey - why not? Its what it does! And if any DIY'ers would like something a little bit more functional and long lasting than a milk carton I'm happy to share a printable template to cut from. It will at least let you benefit from the 100+ protoypes that we made before coming to the current model. But the carton is exactly how I used to do it before I got tired of making new ones all the time.
Staffan/Ass Savers

Kristian said...

They're actually working pretty well for the fixed gear bikes I have tested them with and when you've seen the price it's a no-brainer.

Jussi said...

Staffan, I was mostly reacting to the name with my post, also the video wasn't to my personal liking, if I may say so.

But if the contraption works and keeps some asses dry, that's just great.

All the best,