Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Great American Fixed Gear Epic

"8 states,
5 thousand miles,
2 lovers,
0 brakes.

July 20th Nikol Heathcock and Jon Keller left Austin, TX. We will be bearing the summer heat of Texas in late July, climbing over the highest points in the Rockies in August, fighting the winds of the Pacific Coast in September, and crossing the desolate and unforgiving deserts of the South-West in October. And we are doing it all with one gear and no brakes!

Follow us as we explore local bike culture in the cities along the way and the wilderness in between. We will be keeping a blog, photo journal, product reviews, and more."

And you can follow these guys epic adventure HERE....


Anonymous said...

Oh, you guys are so god damn cool! No brakes is the wrong explanation, as a fixed wheel does brake! So you do have a brake, but it is not that easy to spot!

Anonymous said...

i agree, but we arent fighting any tickets out here. the ommitted word "mechanical" is inferred.