Thursday, July 1, 2010

Short Movie: Paperboy

Short movie - PAPERBOY from David Lucas Vivaldini on Vimeo.

Via Prolly and I guess you need to be an old man like him and yours truly to get this to the fullest.

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Flying Junior said...

Greetings fixed wheeler,

Just an old school CA kid. My pride and joy is an old Pinarello with Suntour gears. Of course I had to put regular pedals and high-rise bars. I have my 1984 Motobecane Super Mirage (originally with Suntour) I bought new, but I put a mountain bike wheel on the front and high-rise handlebars. Had to fit a BMX brake on the front to accomodate. My dog bicycle is a 1970 Schwinn Suburban.

Liked the movie.