Monday, September 21, 2009

VéLOrue Trailer #2

VéLOrue Trailer 2 from Bill Bottriell on Vimeo.

As a small side note, the trailer here looks great and all but I cannot help thinking that its style, with all the slo-mo, color filtering and the type of music playing, both VélOrue trailers so far remind me tad bit too much of Macaframa. But looking good nonetheless.


bill said...

My filming and editing style hasn't changed in the last 3 years. I mean, look at my older skate videos on vimeo. Can you please remove the macaframa comparison comment? Thanks for the positive comments though, I truly appreciate it. You've got a great blog!

Jussi said...

Bill, I was not so much comparing your movie to Macaframa but instead really complimenting the trailers.

But since I just watched Macaframa, those similarities occurred to me very easily. And I'm sure other people will notice them too.

Along with the slo-mo stuff, the main thing is probably actually your choice music here since MF had kind of un-typical soundtrack for a fixed gear videos out there.

Obviously I haven't seen your full movie yet and yes, I'm very aware that plenty of other movies have been done in very similar style before and that Macaframa guys did not really invent it.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with having music that is "un-typical"? I don't understand the problem with using music that other people don't use as often.

Jussi said...

Yo Anon, there's nothing 'wrong' there.

I just watched Macaframa to days ago. Then I saw these two arguably very short trailers and while they looked nice, they reminded me a lot of Macaframa because the visual style and also the soundtrack appears to be somewhat similar.

Now, since Macaframa is already out and lot of people have seen it, I'm guessing that a lot people will eventually compare VelORue to Macaframa, because of these same reasons. That's all.

Also, I won't 'take down' any of my comments I wrote here as they're my personal opinions. Sorry.