Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rossin Dominator on Ebay

This Rossin Dominator is probably bit special, or at least the Ebay-seller thinks it is:

"I have never seen another bike of this kind! This is quite possibly one of the fastest track bikes designed for going in a straight line out there. If you are slow this bike will make you fast. If you are ugly this bike will make you attractive. Reach speeds that will blow womens clothes off. The bike measures as a 56, but due to the unique geometry, will fit anywhere from a 54 to a 59. The bike has multiple chips (easily touched up with your mom's nail polish) but no dents or deformities whatsoever."


T_M said...

Certainly one of the uglier Rossins out there... out of curiosity do you know when the Dominator was made?

down around pike n8iv said...

shit, i wonder what it went for "it will blow the clothes of women>." not too fast then, here in the seattle fixed scene. fabreeze yr saddles befor3 biring them in for repairs, please. it's like easying raw garlic and going for a cleaning at th dentist. uncool.

Chunks said...

i'm glad you enjoyed my listing!