Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mixte Mania!

Everyone loves mixtes and when you got your own between one and five bikes all built up and ready, what you do?

Why, you build a real nice fixed or single speed mixte for your better half, of course. Here's a Motobecane by Mojo (above) and a Nishiki by Daniel (below). Both straight up lovely.


GenghisKhan said...

Sweet whips, but forgive my ignorance, what's a "mixte"?

Jussi said...

"One particular type of step-through frame is called a mixte. In a mixte frame, the top tube of the traditional diamond frame is replaced with a pair of smaller tubes running from the top of the head tube all the way back to the rear axle, connecting at the seat tube on the way. The normal seat stays and chain stays are retained. This provides the greater standover height of a step-through frame bicycle while avoiding some of the additional stresses the step-through frame bicycle places on the seat tube.
A direct appropriation of the French word meaning "mixed" or "unisex", "mixte" is pronounced "MEExt", although the usual North American bicycle industry pronunciation of this loan word is "MIX-ty". Both pronunciations are widely used."

GenghisKhan said...

Cool and thanks for taking the time to edumacate me--guess I coulda hit the Google/Wiki, eh?

Anywho, familiar with the frame, but not the name--'til now, of course!

Peace and happy trails!