Thursday, April 19, 2012

Macaframa, now with Gears

So, now Macaframa is doing videos with guys mashing around urban areas on road bikes? Nice, but somehow I don't quite get this. Are they like "So over those fixie skidder-bieks now, bro!"


Right, here's the article explaining the video (for me):


Anonymous said...

respeck, son! Roadblock has been mashing on his road bike since before the Macaframa riders ever discovered fixie-skidder bieks. even though he doesn't ride fixed, as the creator of the Wolfpack Hustle Ride and one of the original Midnight Ridazz, he probably has more to do with the spread of fixed gear culture on the West Coast and around the world than most of us. that's why they made this video.

Jussi said...

yo anon, cool, thanks for educating me here.

Wolfpack Hustle seems like a seriously cool ride. I can dig that.

Anonymous said...

haha and you dont mention MASH SF ? shut your mouth roadbikes can be baller.