Monday, March 5, 2012

Levi's Commuter Collection

Levi's Commuter Collection.

I can def dig but when are these becoming available in Europe?

In fact I've been looking for some black Commuter 511's lately, anybody know where to get these in Europe or any online store with worldwide shipping? Levi's own online store does not ship outside of US and no one seems to have any on Ebay currently.

Levi's hook me up, please?


Richard said...

Dear non-USA Dude, you can create a free account at BundleBox. That will give you a US address, and BundleBox will forward you gear to anywhere (for a fee). Works a treat for US-websites that forgot about the rest of the World.

Anonymous said...

hey man, don't want to be down on you, love your blog and all, but...
i own a pair of last year's commuter's. not bad. but not a whole lot more than normal jeans really. the big thing for me is the rear area always wears out. levi's barely did anything to fix this.
i would at least suggest checking out cadence clothes. they have more styles to choose from and what looks like stronger rear reinforcement, though i don't know firsthand.
anyhow, hopefully you get your hands on something.
keep up the good work on the interwebs.

Jussi said...

Thanks for info and opinions guys.

I looked bit more into this last night and found out the Urban Outfitters (yeah, who else...) actually sell these and ship worldwide so my problem is now pretty much solved.

The reason I'm interested in the commuter 511s is just the fact that I like the 511 cut, and if there are any nice extra cycling-friendly details there then it's all a bonus.

Jussi said...

Ok, as opposed to what I just said Urban Outfitters DOES NOT ship internationally as Levi's seems to have put some kind of specific sales restriction on the Commuter line products. Whatever.