Monday, January 2, 2012

Teh Most Awesomest Cinelli MASH Build

Seriously though, people who post their new fixy bieks to internet galleries and forums should quit calling them "builds". Because that's just stupid, you might have attached some parts on it but you didn't really build it.

This is semantics, but still: some unknown and very likely way underpaid person at some unknown faceless factory somewhere over in Taiwan or mainland China actually built a bicycle frame with the help of robots and big scary machines. It was imported to your country. Then you bought it. Then you probably took it to your LBS where someone installed some parts on it, you paid for their services and rode it home to get photos of it to post it on teh interwebz.

1 comment:

illdizzl said...

lol that biek
but then what do you call it when you buy a frame and then install all the parts yourself?
like, i 'built' an 80s stumpjumper for my father-in-law for christmas, and he asks "did you buy this at the bike store?" and do i say "no i built it" or "no i bought the frame and all the parts and installed them all on the frame"... or do i say "i INSTALLED the bike"...or "hey broz check out my sweet Install" lol