Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Path of the Track Bike

Level 1 is pre-derailleur.
Level 2 is roots (needs a section for “the collector”. They supplied many fine vehicles for 3-5)
Level 3 is where it really begins.
Level 4 finalizes the style
Level 5 marks the entry of non-messenger, non-cyclists. Its also the shortest time segment. (This is where the most deviations within the messenger community developed-aluminum frames and bars, the worst. Goofy “punk” accessories next.)
Level 6 is the explosion. Style bastardized
Level 7 is Babylon. No Style
Level 8 isn’t on the chart-Its all the deviations and cliques formed without influence of 1-4. It really has nothing to do with us, or cycling. It follows the current streetxwear/skateboard/bmx industry map.

I stole this from the Landlords because it is IMPORTANT.
Read and learn. Know your Roots.


Anonymous said...

The irony contained within this chart is OFF THE WALL!

Anonymous said...

irony is way over rated

jasa pengukuran said...

mantapss coy

Slomo said...

yeaaaaaaaaah! i am between 3 and 4... thanks to my jamaican friends in nyc! hah!

Jussi said...

yo Mo, you've been long and deep in the game, I know. Respect.

BTW It's a pity that the epic Asia trip blog of yours has disappeared from the webz.

Slomotion said...

nah, i am a rookie! easy...

asia will be up on flickr this year, promise!

kfg said...

Well, this isn't really the path of the track bike, as it begins with Normal and, quite properly, includes road racing. It's the path of fixed gear.

Along that line the Pro Shop hub needs a Touring branch, as it was actually the the beard and saddle bag guys who kept Normal fixed gear alive during the dark ages even after most of the roadies gave it up for winter training.

Fixed gear required road racing in America actually carried on into the 50's, as almost all of the races were flat criteriums contested by people who also rode track.

The Messenger line should go straight through uninterrupted. The whole Jamaican immigrant thing is a street myth made up by people who didn't come from roots and so simply assumed that what they saw was origin.

Back in the Normal day Instant Messages could only travel between servers and had to be written on something called "paper" and physically transported to the intended recipient after it reached the server.

Children (as in single digit age) on bicycles were used for this. Many of them were immigrants, but mostly Irish.