Monday, October 3, 2011

P-Fix feat. Tom LaMarche

Tom La Marche for Specialized from Uncle Buck on Vimeo.

Nice. P-Fix will be THE s**t as a cheap FGFS complete, that's for sure.

But what's going on with the crappy editing? The music ends too early etc. One would think that a company like Specialized has the marketing budget to get things done proper. Or is it just to make it look 'raw', 'legit' and all DIY? That's pretty weak IMHO.


Prolly said...

You dummy. Tom made this himself. There was no "specialized budget".

Jussi said...

Ok, thanks. I'm much relieved after this information.

But in this case Tom should maybe stay behind the bars and keep on rippin' like he surely can - and leave video editing for others.

Jussi said...

But on second thought, I don't actually believe what you said, John.

I bet it's just the stupid viral part of Specialized's P-Fix advertising campaign.

Prolly said...

Tom really likes filming and is learning. As for your paranoia, you should move somewhere more sunny!

Jussi said...

Damn right, I should. ;)

Dude, it's all grey and raining like hell here right now.