Monday, October 3, 2011

Get a FREE! 14 Bike Co. fixie biek when you buy...

... the new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet. That's right.

From Engadget: 

"For a tablet that prides itself in being thin and lightweight, the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessory sure adds considerable heft to the device. The Korean manufacturer's UK branch has teamed up with 14 Bike Co to bring the world the Samsung Galaxy bicycle -- a mild-mannered bike with a custom paint job and a detachable holder for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 made from carbon fiber. So, why carry a tablet on a bicycle? For checking things like mileage planners and route trackers on the go, apparently. No word on pricing yet, but we're guessing that this'll be among the more expensive tablet accessories out there."

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Gadgetcrazyodd said...

can someone please tell me something about the price i am writing a blog article about this crazy samsung tab bike but not a word about a price nowwhere.

price please thanks