Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tulos Bicycles - For REBELS!

A new fashionable Finnish bike brand (of course manufactured in China) has emerged, TULOS (meaning more or less 'Score'). And apparently:

"Näillä fillareilla on sielu, ne paljastavat kaiken.
Ne ovat yksilöitä.
Kun haluat tietää millä ajat."

("These whips have soul, they reveal everything.
They are individuals.
When you want to know what you're riding")

Their funky blurb somehow reminds me of the cigarette ads from the 1950s or something.

Which almost makes sense when you consider that in the 1930s there used to be a Finnish bike brand called 'Tulos' from which the guys behind this took their name. Since I cannot come up with any positive things to say about these whips, maybe it's better I shut up now.

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