Friday, October 29, 2010

Dual Drive: "so stiff and responsive its amazing!"

Seen on SF Craigslist:

"Dual drive, yes a chain on both sides of the frame!!! the one and only in the world!!! this makes the frame so stiff and responsive its amazing! 

...the bike is pimp and is def to make a scene in the city!!!"


Anonymous said...

Is it really worth the weight? Most fixed gear hubs do not run in a straight line anyways. A adjustable cog in my mind would give you the responsiveness you need. I re true my wheels so they are dished like a free wheel some what. To push the cog out so it actually runs in a straight line. Big difference!!! Also for stiffness buying chain tensioner's and adjusting them regularly make such a difference. Sorry to harp on you're idea but for the added weight I don't really see it. Just my opinion though.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous might have skipped the part of this being linked from the craiglist.

And I would venture as far as seeing a bit of sarcasm on Jussis behalf in posting this since he is quite aware that this is not a new idea.

- the hat -

Anonymous said...

Yes I see that now. I eat my words. I have seen this recently. Non the less I thought it was a terrible idea dual drive.