Monday, August 2, 2010

Cycle Lane Hämeentie Helsinki 2.8.2010

So it turns out, bit suprisingly, that the Cycle Lane Art Happening on Hämeentie Helsinki last night was kind of a success with the claimed 250 or so people participating.

Hämeentie is one of main traffic arteries of Helsinki leading to the city centre from the east and northeast uptown districts and it's one the worst streets to ride a bike on due busy high speed traffic and total lack of bike lanes so the idea behind the event was cool. Hämeentie is also part of my daily commute but as I was actually home asleep last night so these pics are all taken by the organizers, check out more HERE.

But as often happens, there are some haterz online already resenting the fact that the art aspect of the event in Helsinki was copied from Berlin, as stated clearly from the beginning by the people organizing the event. But I don't, man. If you post Wallpaper magazine on your blog's links, that really tells more about you than what we really need to know. Whatever.


tnts said...

at first "the haters" claimed this to be organized by us, I corrected the false info, but didn't take a screenshot of the original post...

haters gonna hate.



Hey ho fellas!

What we've noticed you Cycle Lane -hipsters happen to be truly a sensitive group. But it's fine.

Now, about the anger you you're cultivating here: You see, the proverb goes, that all the hate must be deserved. You've deserved yours and we've earned ours. Ergo, we're both fine.

Finally, yes, there was an horrendous fail in our text at first, as "tnts" stated. And its extremely sad you didn't get a screen shot from that. But we had. And if you want we can send it to your email, if wanted.

Waiting for your next event,



By the way Did you got the screen shot of the Wallpaper Magazine? If not we can sen that to you Jussi.