Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jordan Hufnagel by Level Magazine

"A film for Level magazine / by Jared Souney as seen previously on

Craftsmen are a different breed. They are meticulous, working hours on end in solidarity, repeating simple processes over and over in search of perfection. They are a patient people.

Jordan Hufnagel is a custom bike builder from Portland, Oregon, one of Americas most bicycle-friendly cities. Hufnagel Cycles, hand built by Jordan, are known for their clean lines. Building everything from Track bikes to Road bikes to Cyclocross bikes, Jordans creations are increasing in demand around the globe.

Countless hours of brazing, sanding and polishing materialize into some amazing works of art.

A slideshow of Jared's photos of Hufnagel can be seen here:"

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