Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Columbus Air

Columbus Air tubing, that's some rare 'ish from way in the early 1990s when the Aero-craze first hit.

Why I'm posting this is because Steel is Real, of course, and exotic Italian steel tubing even more so, but also because I came across this cool pic last week when Googling some info on frames made out of this stuff.

The reason being that there was an interesting track frame in my size on Ebay with aero steel tubing BUT thankfully I found out that finding an oval-shaped seatpost, like in the pic, specifictly made for frames made out of Columbus Air is not easy, so I passed on that one.

And another thing was that the new 14R frame is also made out of aero-shaped steel tubing. I'm looking forward to that stuff starting to get used more again.

All you steel fetishists check out more nice pics HERE.

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