Sunday, August 26, 2012

Splitting Finland. In Half. By bike.

"Splitting Finland for a good cause! 8 wheels, 4 guys, 2 weeks and about 1 600km.

"Its pretty complicated to explain "why", but maybe there was some betting a year ago. Maybe not. Anyway there were no losers, but the idea of biking thru our homeland with great friends was too good to bury. So I guess it was 1st of May when Heppu and Tuukka (Andreas) called from Portugal and tell me that the journey is on, and I have to participate. Due the special "date" (whole Helsinki is one big party on that day), I have to admit that I don't remember saying "yes", "no" or much about the call in general. There was a plan to practice during the summer, to do lot of cycling and getting shape. By the mid July it was clear, that it was just a plan and there won't be any cycling or getting physically ready for this event. Beer and happy times with friends, no sweating on the saddle. It makes sense now :)

At some point Tuukka hooked Osku to join our journey, he is a bad ass bicycle guy, so he is like an insurance for us. Its good to have a guy onboard who actually knows something about cycling and bikes. He is also a video man, so there will be some film coming up after the trip, about the trip.

Thanks to Mr. Jasper Pääkkönen there is also a greater mission than just a friendship and getting some time off from working. Jasper hooked us up with the WWF and now we are cycling for the Baltic Sea!!! Thats cool I think! It will also make sure that we push and pull harder to get to the finish line. Basically it works like this; you can support our trip by donating a penny or two for WWF bank account: OP 578007-130581 Then write to message field "Your Name / Splitting Finland". After the trip we will publish the total amount and names of the people who donated in our blog and here!

Thats about it... We haven't planned this trip too much, but one things is sure; without Pelago and Hyppönen brothers we would not have bikes to ride. Timo and Mikko made this possible! Also a Sports Tracker will make sure that we will find the Nuorgam at some point. Plus thanks to Makia Clothing we will look fabulous when that happens!

Feeling weird. A bit scary to be honest. But its gonna be good. Its gonna be beautiful. Cheers!" - Juha"

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Mountain Bikes said...

Nice Story and good experience. I like your stamina...

Bike Part Solutions said...

Great post you have here! Indeed, bicycling with friends right in your own homeland is a phenomenal experience! Thanks for sharing! :)

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