Monday, June 25, 2012


Here it is finally: the Cinelli X MASH SF collabo Cinelli MASH SSCX 2013 frameset. Prolly got the scoop first so head to his place to read more about it.

All I'm saying is: since we're all living in 2012, the frame really should take disc brakes instead of cantis since even UCI accepts them nowadays. Yes, then the rear spacing would have to be 135mm spaced and there aren't that many manufacturers making 135mm fixed hubs but the option of being able to run disc brakes would be awesome.


fride said... Do you have news about this frame? It seems that it will be cheaper and better than this Cinelli...only 60 frames available

Jussi said...

yo fride, that Limited Ed All City looks pretty good but stay away of the normal version Nature Boy. It is better as a boat anchor than a racing frame.

However, much better choice for a classic steel single speed cyclocross frameset would be Traitor Crusade. Higher end tubing, better details etc.:

Fride said...

Great, I didn't know this model. Indeed, it seems pretty cool. Thanks for the advise ;)